“The Coronavirus Pandemic:

Diagnosis, Treatment and Consequences” 

May 26 – 27, 2021, Baku, AZERBAIJAN  


Invitation from the General Chairman 

Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

The main initiator, organizer and sponsor is International Event Organizer Company AMIR Technical Services LLC is Associated Member of the World Conference Alerts and Main Conference. 

 The First Eurasian Conference in this series took place on November 28-30, 2020, in Tbilisi, Georgia (www.pandemic-ict-conference2020.ge ). We tried to make this grand event take place in offline. However, the coronavirus pandemic continued to rage across the world. Therefore, we decided that it is unlawful to discuss the fight against COVID-19 in the context of the risk of illness for the participants and guests. The conference was held in webinar mode.

 The Second Eurasian Conference “Coronavirus Pandemic: Diagnosis, Treatment and Consequences” will be held on May 26-27, 2021, in Baku, AZERBAIJAN.


International Event Organizer Company AMIR Technical Services LLC

Azerbaijan Medical University

Israeli Medical Association

Astana Medical University, Kazakhstan

Kirov State Medical University, Russia

State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Moldova


Joint Staff:

Chair: Prof.Dr. Vugar ALİYEV – Director, International Event Organizer Company AMIR Technical Services LLC

Co-Chair: Prof.Dr. Garay GARAYBAYLI – Rector of Azerbaijan Medical University

Co-Chair: Prof.Dr. Zion HAGAY – President of İsraeli Medical Association

Co-Chair: Prof.Dr. Ayman MUSINA – Astana Medical University, KAZAKHSTAN

Co-Chair: Doç.Dr. Aliona TIHON – Universitatea de Stat de Medicină şi Farmacie “Nicolae Testemiţanu” MOLDOVA

Co-Chair: Prof.Dr. Natalia BOGACHEVA – Kirov State Medical University, RUSSIA

 The relevance of the conference is beyond doubt. The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has become a truly serious test for the entire global community. The spread of COVID-19 and its mutants has long passed from the category of "the most significant challenge to the resilience of public health systems" into a threat to all spheres of human activity. In the fight against the growing threat, almost all countries of the world have chosen the path of isolation from the outside world.

 The main goal of the conference is to spread “know-how” knowledge and technologies in diagnostics, emergency medical care, treatment, vaccination and innovative approaches in the prevention of coronavirus infection.

We intend to analyze and summarize the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic, discuss the effects and "challenges" that it poses for national health systems and government institutions. 

The conference program is expected to discuss the optimal strategy for overcoming the pandemic, which is better: natural immunity or vaccination?

 We call on all stakeholders to actively participate in the conference, share experience and knowledge, and contribute to the common cause of sustainable development of the Eurasian continent in the face of the risk of the coronavirus pandemic.

 It is symbolic that we will meet on the hospitable land of Azerbaijan - a beautiful ancient country at the junction of Europe and Asia, which leaves its mark in the heart of everyone who has been here at least once. A special cultural program has been prepared for the conference participants. We hope that universal vaccination will help defeat the coronavirus and we will gather in Baku and discuss new challenges, innovative solutions and the possible consequences of the pandemic.

On behalf of Joint Staff,    

Prof.Dr. Vugar ALİYEV

CEO and Founder

International Event Organizer Company

AMIR Technical Services


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